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Saturday, January 23rd
Live: From Moldy to Healthy

Marlene Merritt, DOM, MS Nutrition, IFMCP

Saturday, February 6th
Live: Neuroinflammation and Complex Brain Disorders

Robert Scott, ND, ACN

Saturday, February 20th, 2021
Live: Top 5 Nutritional Therapies for Pain and Inflammation

Dave Hogsed, DOM, AP

Saturday, March 6th, 2021
Live: Skin Health and Healthy Aging

Sarah Outlaw, CN, NRTP, MH

Saturday, March 20th, 2021
The Secret to Adrenal Dysfunction: What Drives Cortisol?

Jean Lawrence, CCN, MH, CFMP©, ND, NMD, PhD, DACBN

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Live: From Moldy to Healthy

Presented By: Marlene Merritt, DOM, MS Nutrition, IFMCP Saturday, January 23rd
8am-11am PST / 11am-2pm EST

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome encompasses multiple biotoxin vectors, and we will be discussing the one responsible for more than 80% of CIRS patients — water-damaged buildings, the immune response, and dysregulation that can occur when exposed to mold and fungal fragments. This 3-hr seminar will highlight:

  • The screening process and tests to determine if a patient has CIRS, as per Shoemaker Protocol
  • What to look for in water damaged buildings, including proper testing and inspection
  • Discuss the treatment of CIRS and what can be done to support a patient with CIRS


Live: Neuroinflammation and
Complex Brain Disorders

Presented By: Robert Scott, ND, ACN Saturday, February 6th
8am-11am PST / 11am-2pm EST

This informative seminar will review the current scientific understanding of the driving forces behind the development of neuroinflammation, which include the following: neurotoxins, autoimmunity, stress, head trauma, infections, and gut inflammation/permeability. This 3-hr seminar will also cover:

  • Current medical understanding of the development of dementia, anxiety, and depression
  • Basic clinical understanding of the metabolic and toxic threats to the brain: gut inflammation/permeability, neurotoxins, and suboptimal brain nutrients, head trauma, and stress
  • Understand how to properly assess and provide nutritional, herbal, dietary, and lifestyle support for the prevention and support of gut inflammation/permeability


Top 5 Nutritional Therapies
for Pain and Inflammation

Presented By: Dave Hogsed, DOM, AP Saturday, February 20, 2021
8am-11am PST/11am-2pm EST

Severe pain and inflammation syndromes in the United States are increasingly common and increasingly difficult to manage. This seminar discusses the most effective and clinically researched therapies to provide fast and effective relief.
This 3-hr seminar will highlight:

  • Common root causes and solutions for pain and inflammation
  • Low cost blood tests to assess metabolic syndrome and inflammation severity
  • A list of the most effective analgesic herbs for fast pain relief


Skin Health and Healthy Aging

Presented By: Sarah Outlaw, CN, NRTP, MH Saturday, March 6, 2021
8am-11am PST/11am-2pm EST

This engaging and informative 3-hour seminar by Sarah Outlaw focuses on supporting patients to and through the challenges presented with skin issues and aging. This seminar will also include a brief overview of skin anatomy and physiology, detoxification pathways, as well as whole food nutrition and herbal therapy recommendations.This 3-hr seminar will highlight:

  • The nutritive roles of macro and micronutrient needed for overall skin health
  • Scenarios of skin issues often seen through improper detoxification and during unhealthy aging
  • Learn about the supportive roles of the nervous system, AMPK, and other additional organs
  • Tips and tricks to help patients navigate through the aging process


The Secret to Adrenal Dysfunction: What Drives Cortisol?

Presented by Jean Lawrence, CCN, MH, CFMP©, ND, NMD, PhD, DACBN Saturday, March 20th
8am-11am PST / 11am-2pm EST

In this engaging and informative seminar, Jean will provide a thorough understanding of various drivers of cortisol that are not commonly considered in typically evaluating adrenal dysfunction. Some of the drivers that will be discussed are: infections, food sensitivities, toxins and how adrenals affect thyroid function. Some patients are on adrenal support for years without ever really knowing the root cause of their health issues. This 3-hr seminar will highlight:

  • A review of the primary roles of the adrenal glands in human physiology
  • Potential drivers of adrenal dysfunction as identified by symptoms and lab analysis
  • The connection between thyroid dysfunction due to adrenal dysfunction


Children's Health

Presented by Jennifer Franco, CN, ACN Saturday, April 10th
8am-11am PST / 11am-2pm EST

Oftentimes, in a natural wellness setting, practitioners are hesitant to work with children because they are unsure where to begin with a potentially vulnerable population. In this 3-hr seminar, we will teach a body systems approach focusing on the nutritional assessment of children and how to support them naturally throughout the stages of a child’s life. In this seminar, we will also highlight:

  • The anatomy and physiology specific to cellular nutrition
  • A reviewed a functional approach to the digestive, endocrine, immune and nervous systems
  • Evaluating and developing a health protocol for supporting children of all ages