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The Vrzal Technique

The Vrzal Technique is a highly effective and efficient muscle testing approach to diagnostics using applied kinesiology techniques. Gain access to three 30-minute videos and transform your practice using Dr. Scott Vrzal's revolutionary health techniques. Priced at only $297 for the complete course, click below to get started.


One Time Payment
The Vrzal Technique

The Vrzal Technique, a hybridization of many kinesiology techniques, will show you how to make your routine office visit more effective and streamlined.


One Time Payment

Take your practice to the next level with Society of Wellness’ The Vrzal Technique applied kinesiology course.

Watch Video Intro

A complete functional muscle testing course

The tools to implement functional muscle testing into your practice

Three 30 minute videos you can watch ata time that suits you

Easy to follow steps for functional muscle testing

Course Benefits

Our applied kinesiology advanced course offers a wide range of health and vitality benefits for your patients.

By approaching health in a holistic way, applied kinesiology works to consider all of the pieces in the human body to explore function including structural, chemical emotional and acupuncture/ pressure.

To optimize the health of patients, applied kinesiology can create long-standing results for an array of health issues ranging. Enhance learning abilities, improve your health and fitness, reduce stress emotionally and mentally, aid muscle healing, release fears and phobias and much more with the assistance of applied kinesiology.

Course Overview

Functional Muscle Testing – The Vrzal Technique is a highly effective and efficient muscle testing approach allowing health professionals to quickly determine the singular cause of a patient’s symptom pattern.

Undertaking this advanced course of three 30 minute videos will allow course participants to determine the necessary correction required, be it structural, nutritional, supplemental, emotional, or acupuncture based.

The course steps the participant through the essentials in applied kinesiology including how to demonstrate the need, correct the problem and demonstrate the benefit. The functional muscle testing process can be done in minutes, leaving patients with brilliant results.

Transform your practice, the health of your patience and increase your medical offering with ‘Functional Muscle Testing: The Vrzal Technique’ advanced course today.

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Enjoy our Functional Muscle Testing; The Vrzal Technique Course Today.

Dr. Scott Vrzal


Dr. Scott Vrzal was born in Los Altos, California and graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in December 1993. Behind faith and family, he is an avid exerciser and has successfully competed in bodybuilding and bike racing. With his already voracious appetite for fitness, coupled with his desire for the pursuit of health, holistic Chiropractic was his uncontested choice in career.

“I've chosen to devote my life to the healing arts because I know of no greater joy than to be a part of transforming lives. It's sad that people are often stifled, hopeless, limited or suffering needlessly. It deeply touches my soul to help them. I am grateful to choose this life because these gifts and life experiences have provided me the opportunity to have a dramatic impact on many wonderful lives with my problem-solving breakthrough system.”

He’s been practicing kinesiology for nearly 30 years and has worked diligently to come up with an approach to patient driven care. In addition to developing the Vrzal Technique, he travels across the U.S. educating practitioners on how to use this method with their patients. Dr. Vrzal integrates bio-mechanical, nutritional, and environmental wellness plus mental/emotional stress reduction techniques - all developed by the greatest minds in these fields.