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A Comprehensive Approach
Functional Therapy & Cardiovascular Health

The Functional Therapy and Cardiovascular Health course covers the heart from multiple perspectives. We organized this course with four separate presenters to provide a comprehensive approach on how to effectively support your patients with Functional Assessment, Functional Nutrition, and Functional Herbal strategies to achieve optimal results.


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Functional Cardiovascular Assessment

Learn how the rate, rhythm, and tone of the heart cycle is associated with heart tissue nutritional deficiencies. Tim Bahan does a masterful job detailing the historical and research perspectives associated with the art form and principles of auscultation. Plus he provides specific applicable general wellness approaches to making a true impact on the cardiovascular well-being of patients.

Functional Nutrition Therapy & Cardiovascular Health

Pulled from our Nutrition course, Dr. Marlene Merritt and Dr. Will Mitchell uncover lost nutritional treasures of how nearly 100 years ago, doctors found that feeding bodies certain foods could improve cardiovascular function in minutes.

Functional Herbal Therapy & Cardiovascular Health

Lee Carroll breaks down the cardiovascular system into the heart, arteries, veins, blood quality, and blood pressure, and serves as an introduction to this vitally important system. Recent herbal research, and key herbs are introduced with treatment strategies presented for common cardiovascular complaints and challenges.