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Professor Kerry Bone Presents: Gut Instincts – Gastrointestinal Health for the Modern World

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It has often been said that ‘Good health starts in the gut’. Unfortunately, abnormal gastrointestinal function is the new norm being fed by the consequences of modern life. Poor diet, stress, entrenched dysbiosis, and a compromised intestinal barrier are all contributing to this pandemic which can be implicated in a wide range of health issues. In this seminar, Kerry will explore the current research on various gut issues including the impact of stealth invaders and food sensitivities. Corrective herbal and nutritional strategies will be outlined, underpinned by some new evidence and options, including a modified version of the bowel flora protocol. Kerry’s case histories will also be explored and you will leave this seminar with simple, practical strategies that you can implement the next day in your clinical practice.


June 6, 2019
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
98 Commerce Park Dr
Westerville, OH 43082 United States

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