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Functional Practice Management

Successful vitalistic practices are built! They just don't happen without solid work ethic, a proven system, and certainty of belief. Our Practice Management program has been brought to you because we saw the need for a coaching system that properly supports the use of nutrition along with your specific practice modality.

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New to adding nutrition to your practice? Or, have you already embraced nutrition in your practice?

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7 Principles of a Successful Practice

We have built our program on Seven Principles, that will be taught in twelve videos followed by a one hour live webinar the following week. The purpose of these live webinars is to discuss principle implementation and provide simple, practical solutions.

Your Individual Needs

Focus will be taught on your #1 asset, you, plus understanding the importance of work ethic and a committed philosophy. This segment includes understanding the use of being accountable to yourself, your practice, and your patients.


This principle will be taught in three consecutive months, obviously a very important and detailed segment. We will cover items such as scripting, intake process, report of findings process, care plans, anniversary reports, and many other areas of procedures.

The Business of Your Practice

In these two consecutive months of training, you will understand how to use statistics to provide and measure the success of your practice. We will cover topics such as Patient Visit Average, Practice Overhead Expense, Cost Per Patient, Number of Office Visits, Income, and many more. Understanding the business of your practice and being held accountable to goals helps you build a successful practice.


Your objective in practice is to facilitate health. One critical area of this process is finding the root cause of their symptoms, and using that to help your patients. Using a system survey with every patient increases your Patient Visit Average tremendously! Understanding and properly utilizing the system survey is an art and our coaches will help you paint like Picasso.

Attracting New Patients

Garnering new patients on a regular basis, and then retaining them is an important step to building a successful practice. This seems to be one of the more intimidating areas for practitioners. We will provide detailed proven methods to fill your pipeline. It will take a solid work ethic to build and implement this principle, but will pay dividends for a lifetime.

Building Your Brand

The Identity of your practice and yourself is what draws people to your practice. How to properly position your brand to elicit engagement from potential new patients, as well as reactivating past patients has a technique of its own. Social media, print media, effective vernacular, and strategic alliance all lead to success in marketing.

Educating Your Patients

Our goal in the Practice Management program is to build, and to sustain that building we must educate patients. Providing your patients with the Why, The Big Idea, empowers them and philosophically binds them to you creating lifelong members of your practice. This knowledge is also a great resource for referrals.

Dr. Dave Wendel

Natural Health & Wellness Center

Dr. Wendel has been practicing Chiropractic for almost 3 decades. He did his undergraduate work at Drew University graduating with a BA in Economics and Zoology. He continued his education at National College of Chiropractic, obtaining his BS in Human Biology in 1989 and his Doctorate in Chiropractic in 1991.

Dr. Wendel got involved with whole food nutrition in 2003, when his youngest son at that time was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and was told that nothing would help his son except for Ritalin. Not feeling comfortable putting his son on a Class 2 Narcotic, Dr. Wendel decided to shift the focus of his studies and practice toward whole food nutrition supplementation along with Chiropractic to save his son from the horrors of psychotropic drugs.

Dr. Wendel has helped thousands of people, just like you, to regain their health and sense of well-being using his natural eastern-style approach to healthcare. He and his staff take health very seriously. If you are ready to improve your health for life we’re ready to help you!