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Are you looking for a simple, consistent and proven system to implement nutrition in your practice? Looking to build and cross-promote additional profit centers in your office through nutrition? Want to gain new patients from the 85% of the community that doesn’t currently seek your services?


One Time Payment

Evolve your practice with a holistic functional assessment system that turns your office into a complete nutritional wellness office.

Your Practice & Nutrition

Generate a flourishing additional revenue stream for your practice consistent with holistic philosophy utilizing a functional assessment system.

Increase Business Revenue

Implement nutrition into your practice and earn a higher ROI from your office

Cross Promote Nutrition

Cross promote with your current patients and expand your service offering

Gain new patients

Tap into the 85% of the community who doesn’t seek your services

Add profit to your office

Team run systematic profit center providing an additional revenue stream

National network of audiences

Join over 100 offices using the functional assessment system

Impact your community

Learn how to develop home-run protocols

About the Functional Assessment System

Is a complete, proven nutrition system that is currently operating in over 100 offices across the country. The system includes complete tools to implement the nutrition systems in your medical practice, as well as continued support following the event including webinar training and materials. The system allows medical offices to generate additional revenue streams that correspond and compliment a holistic medical practice.

Who Needs the Functional Assessment System?

The system is perfect for health care professionals who are passionate about the importance of nutrition in overall health and wellbeing. If you work closely with patients to design care plans, health finances, or conduct care classes, a holistic functional assessment system is the perfect way to implement nutrition in a simple and consistent process in your practice.

Enhance Your Practice With Holistic Nutrition

Integrate a Functional Assessment System into your practice with the Society of Wellness Nutritional Systems.

Jen Franco

Founder of SOW

Jen Franco has helped thousands of clients integrate therapeutic foods into their diets. She started her work in seminars and doctors’ offices, and then founded Society of Wellness Nutritional Systems to help even more clients.

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Module 1

Whole Food

In our first two videos we will introduce you to the Functional Assessment System. This includes an introduction to our foundational Whole Food Philosophy and critical First Impressions.


Module 2

15-Min Consult

The next four videos guide you through the first step in accepting a nutrition patient: The 15-Minute Consult. This module covers consult script, note taking, and sample appointment demonstration.


Module 3


The next five videos cover patient data collection and the online systems survey software. The benefit of an online system survey is that the patient fills it out ahead of time in preparation for the Nutrition Assessment Appointment.


Module 4


The next six videos break down the Nutrition Assessment Appointment in great detail. This includes paperwork preparation, case history questions, protocol development, and software integration.


Module 5

Report of

The next three videos demonstrate the most important appointment: The Nutritional Report of Findings. During this appointment we explain their detailed nutrition protocol as well as derive patient commitment and compliance.


Module 6

Food Diary/
Touch Base

In this module we use one video to guide you through the subsequent Touch Base Visit. During this appointment, we review the patient’s completed food diary and track protocol progression.


Module 7

Assessment (Month 2)

In this module we use one video to highlight the key components in reviewing a patient’s first month of care. This next visit is called the Progress Assessment. During this appointment, we also focus on educating the patient with lifestyle modification.


Module 8

Re-Evaluation (Month 3)

In this module we use one video to teach the Re-Evaluation Appointment. After a patient’s first three months of care, it’s critical that we evaluate the course of action before their next protocol is implemented.


Module 9

Resources and
Bonus Materials

This module contains the most amount of videos with detailed tools and resources, ensuring that you can successfully implement this system into your practice. This section also includes 12 guided Sample Office Nutrition Talks that you can replicate for patients.


Module 10

Accountability Webinars

In Module 10 we provide 22 integrative webinars where we discuss systems and procedures as well as unique sample protocols. These are archived from 2017-2019 discussing real-life, clinical applications of the Functional Assessment System.


Module 11

Clinical Pearls Webinars
(2020 and Beyond)

In an effort to provide you with ongoing support, Module 11 catalogs webinars beginning in 2020. We host these unique monthly webinars for our growing Society of Wellness family however only our Functional Assessment System students receive access to this achieved library.